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CrossFit Pull Up Tips for Efficiency

Chris Spealer's video offers various efficiency tips on pull up movements, perfect for CrossFit. You are all at various stages with pull ups (especially those of you trying to master kipping and butterfly) and this video reinforces and also offers more tips on how to...

CrossFit Open 14.1 in the Books

CrossFit 14.1 is officially wrapped up. Double unders are done and now it is on to the next one. Check out the Leaderboard for CrossFit Breaking Boundaries. Just to see how CFBB is doing amongst the CrossFit boxes near to us: Breaking Boundaries - North Fulton -...

CrossFit Battle Scars

Ahhh the "Battle Scars" of CrossFit... Could be mistaken for clumsiness or what not. For the ladies you may get crazy looks of suspicion as to what could be going on. lol All in all, they are badges of triumph, dedication and the ongoing progress of a stronger you....

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